What are Incurable Disease in Homeopathy

Homeopathy belives in cureing the paitient to its whole extent, but there are certain disease are those are not cureable to its whole extent are known as incurable diseases

1.Artificial/Iatrogenic chronic diseases:

These are the most incurable chronic diseases. These are the diseases which are produced as a result of prolonged allopathic heroic medicines in large and ever increasing doses. These are artificially produced because of their violent and abusive actions. Because of violent actions of large doses of the mercurial, silver preparations, purgatives, leeches applications, issues, setons etc, the vital energy of the organism deranges very much.

To protect itself from such destructive primary actions, our vital force develops a reaction in the body. In this process of self protection, even it looses or sacrifices some parts of our vitality. This further cripples the body internally and externally. This happens as the result of the secondary curativeal, inappropriate allopathic method. He criticizes the blood letting and venesections as a practice of irreplaceable blood loss treatment, cruel method, and murderous malpractice.

Among the chronic diseases, the artificial chronic diseases produced by the allopathic mal-practice are the most incurable ones, especially if the treatment was continued to the patient for a long period. These artificial diseases have to be remedied by the vital force itself. This is possible only in cases where the vitality of the vital force is not deranged totally. Some vitality is still remaining in the body inspite of the destructive therapy.

2. Diseases with irreversible pathological changes

Treatment: Only palliative treatment with low potencies must be the choice. That remedy which is most similar to the particular presenting complaints of the patient will give him relief. Cure is not possible in such cases, as the vital force had lost all its reactive capacity; hence, the secondary curative response cannot be expected.

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