Short Biography about Lippe Weissenfeld

Count Adolphus Graf zur Lippe, famously known as Lippe was a German homeopath. He was born in Germany on May 11, 1812. His parents were Count Ludwid and Augusta zur Lippe. Lippe was the eldest son of this couple. His parents advised him to go for the profession of law. As per his parent’s wish, he graduated from the University of Berlin. During his studies in law college, few opportunities attracted him to the world of medicine. Hence, he entered the medical field. Compte Adolph Von Zulippe (1812-1888) Lippe immigrated to the United States in the year 1839.

There he joined the school of the homeopathic practice by name Allentown Academy of the Homeopathic Healing Art. Lippe received his diploma from the hands of Dr. Constantine Hering, the then President of that institution, on July 27, 1841. Dr. Von Lippe, in his later years, moved to Pottsville.

He practiced with greater success and gained good experience in his selected field there. His ability in controlling the prevalent epidemics of Carlisle and Cumberland Valley gave him a new recognition in the medical field. Within six years, he shifted his practice to Philadelphia. Here, he speedily attained a marked distinction in medical practice.

Dr. Von Lippe’s contribution to homeopathic literature is laudable and his association with Wilson in London and Rocco Rubini in Naples is worth mentioning. He remained in the United States till his last breath in the year 1888.


1. Dr. Von Lippe acted as the chair of materia medica in the Homeopathic College of Pennsylvania from 1863 to 1868.

2. He was the author of Lippe’s Materia Medica. His contribution to homeopathic materia medica is enormous. His clinical reports show the evidence that he applied his teachings and homeopathic knowledge and principles in his practice.

3. He also translated many works from Italian, German, and French homeopathic essays and treatises.

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