What does it mean by Mongrel Sect?

The meaning of the word “mongrel sect” is “crossbreed dog“. Hahnemann used these words to criticize those homeopaths who use the name of homeopathy and also prescribe allopathic or antipathic medicines. This group of homeopaths does not try hard to find the similimum remedy to the patient’s sufferings to cure them. Due to this when an ill-selected remedy fails to cure the patient, they directly put the blame on homeopathy as unsuitable to such and such cases.

Mongrel Sect

Then they directly administer the allopathic medicines. Selecting a homeopathic remedy is a very laborious process. It demands sincerity and hard work on the physician’s part. The selected remedy must cover the entire totality of the patient’s symptoms in a similar manner. But this new sect of homeopaths, without giving much importance to the symptom-similarity prescribe the medications.

Naturally, when the medicine fails to cure the patient, they blame homeopathy and resort to allopathic remedies. “I am therefore sorry that I gave the advice, savoring of allopathy, to apply to the back in psoric diseases a resinous plaster to cause itching, and to employ the finest electrical sparks in paralytic affections. For, as both these appliances have seldom proved of service, and have furnished the mongrel homeopaths with an excuse for their allopathic transgressions, I am grieved I should ever have proposed them, and I hereby solemnly retract them –for this person also, that since then, our homeopathic system has advanced so near to perfection they are now no longer required”, says Hahnemann in his preface to the fifth edition of Organon.

During the later years of Hahnemann’s life, a converted homeopath called “Moritz Muller” actively involved himself in the development of homeopathy. He was basically an allopath. He suggested the union of both systems for the treatment. According to him, homeopaths can also employ allopathic methods when the homeopathic system is not applicable in a few cases.

But during Hahnemann’s time, the allopathic system was applying cruel methods like venesections, leeches applications, etc. Hahnemann openly criticized such a practice. He condemned this practice and called the homeopaths who practice both allopathy and homeopathy as the “Mongrel sect”.

Chronic diseases require a longer time for their cure. If they are spoiled by the cruel methods of the allopathic system like long-continued usage of powerful medicines and unsuitable mineral baths etc. They cannot be treated in a short period. They require more time to get cured by homeopathic medicines because in such cases the patient’s strength and vital fluids have been drained to a large extent.

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