What is Moral Remedy in Homeopathy?

What is the moral remedy? Let’s get to understand this article. Body reflects the feelings of mind. This is true of both healthy and diseased states. In psycho-somatic diseases the psychological sufferings of the man are reflected on the body and damages various anatomical parts of the man. This is true in case of treating chronic cases through anti-psoric medicines.

What is Moral Remedy in Homeopathy

As long as the patient is in a depressed state he will not recover from his illness. Hahnemann recommends the physician to encourage the patient in gaining confidence through moral guidance and counseling by psychoanalytic techniques.

It is a well-known and accepted instance that when a suffering person compares his suffering with another person who has similar but more suffering than him, he gets a sigh of relief. This happens because of a simple logical analysis that his condition is far better than the other persons. This relief which he gets in comparison with the other persons can be called as Moral Remedy (in Homeopathy).

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Example of Moral Remedy:

  1. A person looses one hand in an accident, and he is so depressed for his physical disability. When he comes across another person who has lost both his hands, he finds his own condition better than the other. He thanks God that atleast he can do some work. This comparison works as a moral remedy and relieves the depression.

  2. Mr.X is depressed and considers himself a failure because his business is not doing well. He has invested so much amount of money in this and he is not getting sufficient results. This failure is taking his nerves. But when he compares his situation with Mr.Y he gets a sigh of relief. Mr.Y lost everything in business and he is in debt. Now, Mr.X thinks positively that atleast he has a running business in his hands and he still has a chance to improve his business. Here, Mr.X’s condition in comparison with that of Mr.Y worked as a moral remedy.

Hope you are getting a clear picture of the moral remedy. See you soon in another article. Bye, Take Care.

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