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World Homeopathy Day or World Homoeopathic Day is a day to be remembered in history and celebrated every year on 10 April in the entire world, but do you know what happens on 10th April and why it is selected as world homoeopathic day, what is so special about this day lets find out. 

What happened on 10th April?

On the 10th of April, 1755 the founder of homoeopathy DR.SAMUEL CHRISTIAN GOTTFRIED FREDERICK HAHNEMANN was born on this day and a new chapter in the history of medicine was started. So to honour this day we observe April 10 every year as World homeopathic Day to commemorate this day

The year 2023 imprints the 268th birthday celebration of Dr Samueal Hahnemann (founder of homoeopathy)

The day represents the firm and sturdy roots of homoeopathy, because of which, the branch still maintains enormous faith among the public, despite being swamped with inquiries and concerns, notably by the allopathic community. The benefits of homoeopathy are emphasised. A considerable amount of data will be presented on this day. It is an opportunity to increase awareness about the advantages of homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is one of the second most prevalent medical systems in India not only in India but is the second most popular medicine in the entire world in India, it comes under AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) services. Growing numbers of consumers, practitioners, educational institutes, and other health services exist.

Academic homoeopathy institutes comprise 35.8% of AYUSH medical colleges, and not only that homoeopathy practitioners are 37% of the AYUSH in total.

Interestingly, India is the biggest homoeopathic drug consumer and manufacturer and trader of Homoeopathic drugs. So homoeopathy bears a stronghold in the Indian market according to an estimate homoeopathy contributes around 3000 Cores to the Indian ecosystem.

But still, there is a need to focus on the quality of education, enhancing the success rate of an average practitioner. There is also a need to ensure the production and availability of high-quality homoeopathic drugs in the market. This is impossible unless the homoeopathic community innovates, modernizes, reinvents, and forges ahead jointly, with various initiatives and research projects.

For this reason, the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India is working to foster research that would eventually lead to improved public healthcare in the country and increased global acceptance of Homoeopathy. The Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) conducts multidimensional research. The Council considers it its responsibility not only to conduct quality research, but also to link it with education, clinical practice, and drug standardisation for the holistic development of the Homoeopathy sector.

With an aim to recognise exemplary work in Homoeopathy, AYUSH awards relating to Homoeopathy for Life Time Achievement, Best Teacher, Young Scientist and Best Research paper are being conferred on this occasion.

On the occasion of World Homoeopathy Day (WHD) on 9th and 10th April 2022, three apex bodies, namely, the Central  Council for  Research in  Homoeopathy, the National Commission for Homoeopathy, and the National Institute of Homoeopathy organising a two-day scientific convention in New Delhi under the aegis of Ministry of Ayush at Bharat Ratna C. Subramanium Auditorium, New Delhi.

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world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day


world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day

world homeopathy day


Quotes for world homeopathy day

“We can’t let people down who can get medical care.”

“God can not come for us all the time that’s why he sent homoeopathy for us.”

“HOMEOPATHY such a mindblowing word.”

“No one can judge the ability of a homoeopathic doctor.”

“Only an ideal physician can teach how to love life.”

“An amazing homoeopathic doctor is hard to find and impossible to forget.”

“Doctors are great as long as you don’t need them.”

“Study hard until you can say “I am a homoeopathic doctor.., everything is gonna cure.”

“DON’T QUIT.., You are a Homeopath!!!”

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Wishes on World Homeopathy Day

Happy Homeopathy Day! You’re the true HERO of our mankind!

Wishing you a very Happy Homeopathy Day! Thank you for your service to humanity! I salute you!

Happy Homeopathy’s day to all the Homeopaths out there who work hard every day to save a life.

Happy Homeopathy Day to the most caring doctor out there!

Happy Homeopathy Day 🩺 It always feels great to be a part of this noble profession!😇

Happy Homeopathy day to all the homeopaths out there 🙏 We salute your spirit! We honour your dedication! We are grateful for your compassion! You are our heroes, our inspiration! Thank you!

Hats off to the Homeopath for their hard work! Happy Homeopathy Day!

Warm wishes to you for being an amazing Homeopath doctor. May you succeed every day, my love.

Happy Homeopathy Day to all the doctors near and far! Your dedication and compassion for curing and saving lives is what makes the world a better place!

Happy Homeopathy day to all the homoeopaths! Thanks for your service and everything you do to save lives.

Happy Homeopathy Day. I hope that your days turn out to be as healthy and wonderful as you do for your patients!

Doctors are the boon directly sent from God for us. Salute to the heroic job you do. Hats off to you! Happy Homeopathy Day.

Happy Homeopathy Day. Sending heartwarming wishes to the great physician I’ve ever met. May you have days full of joy.

Sending you best wishes from deep down my heart. Your smile heals half of my sickness! Keep it up and I hope you make more progress in the future.

To all my physician friends out there- thank you for everything you do.

Happy Homeopathy Day to all of my hardworking colleagues who never stop working and continue putting patients first!

We are blessed and grateful to have a doctor like you. Happy Doctors Day to my favourite homoeopath in the world, Dr. {Put Name}!

Proud to be a doctor 🩺 A BIG thanks to all the doctors 🙏❤️ #worldhomeopathyday

Homoeopaths are one of those professions that demand to be revered. Nobody compares their sacrifice and service to society! During a crisis, they are the first to put their own lives on the line to help others in need. There are several occasions in our own lives where the lives of our family or friends were saved due to the service and eligibility of a homoeopath. Therefore we should let the physicians know how much they inspire us and how much we appreciate their continual service! If you want to convey your respect and thanks to a doctor, use this opportunity to do so by sending one of the above wishes!

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