Biography of Dr. Carroll Dunham (Homeopath)

Carroll Dunham is a famous American homeopath. Carroll Dunham was born on the 29th day of October 1828 in New York City. He graduated in medicine from the University of Columbia in 1847. He received his M.D. degree at the College of physicians and surgeons, New York, in 1850. In the year 1852, he started his medical practice in Brooklyn. In 1858 he shifted his practice to Newburg, and then to Irvington in 1863.

Conversion to Homeopathy

During his stay in Dublin, he suffered from a dissecting wound that refuse to heal and nearly killed him. But with the help of the homeopathic medicine “Lachesis”, he improved. He came in association with Boenninghausen at Munster in his European tour. He was a pupil of Boenninghausen and a friend and follower of J.T.Kent.

He was the president of the American institute of homeopathy, and for many years in power as the dean of New York Homeopathic Medical College. He played a vital role in designing the homeopathic convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and subsequently compiled the proceedings for publication. Dunham had good medical practice to his credit.

But because of the stress of his practice, he developed rheumatic carditis. When the old school failed to treat him, once again Dr. Hering improved his health by prescribing “Lithium carb”. Dunham recovered with this treatment and organized “The world homeopathic convention”. The industrious work involved in conducting such a huge task again spoilt his health and Dunham died in Irvington Hudson, New York on 18th February 1877.

Carroll Dunham (1828-1877) Contributions

1. His book “Homeopathy, the Science of Therapeutics” was published in the year 1877.

2. “Lectures on Materia Medica” came out of his pen in the year 1879.

3. “How to Take the Case” is another book written by this pioneer.

4. He has written many essays and periodicals and published many of them.

5. In his “Lectures on Materia Medica”, he introduced most of the medicines according to the method of analytic study.

6. He started and developed the famous “Dunham’s Potencies”. He used to dynamize even to 200 CH a whole night, in a cane mill machine.

7. He worked as a teacher at New York Homeopathic Medical College. 8. He was the President of the American institute of homeopathy (A.I.H).

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