First Edition of Organon of Medicine

We are going to discuss the first edition of Organon of Medicine which was originally titled as “Organon der rationellen Heilkunde” and was finally translated by C. E. Wheeler as “Organon of the Rational Art of Healing” This edition has a huge history in publication as it was a first edition by master hanemann.

Its publication has a crucial history too as Master was running out of money at that time as he had left all his jobs and practices, he had the manuscript ready but no money so couldn’t publish the book but it was his grateful patient who supported him financially in that times and it was published by the Arnold at Dresden in 1810.

This edition contains some unintentional homeopathic cures, mentioned in contemporary medical publications with few comments it contains only 271 aphorisms and there was no table of contents in this edition.

First edition of Organon of Medicine

The title page of this edition contains a very beautiful stanza of the poet from Gallert’s he was a famous German poet in the German language

Truth for which all the eager world is fain,
which makes as happy, lies for ever more
Not buried deep but lightly covered O’er
By the wise Hand that destined it for men!

which can be translated as:

The Truth We Mortals Need
Us Blest To make And Keep
The All-Wise Slightly Covered Over
But Did Not Bury Deep

And not to be a surprise the same stanza appeared in the Medicines of Experience previously in 1805 by master hanemann. To note that this edition was not so popular, and didn’t get translated into English till 1913, finally, C. E. Wheeler translated it.

So that’s all about the 1st Edition of Organon, hope you get some valuable information from it, we have already shared all the edition in-depth articles kindly visit that too, and share among homoeopaths. And we also request you read the Biography of Master Hahnemann

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