Homeopathic Potentisation / Potentization

Potentisation or Potentization is a mathematical-mechanical process by which the inherited dormant dynamic curative power of a drug is aroused or increased by modifying drug strength/drug power to dynamic power through the simultaneous and successive processes of dilution & friction in a definite order.

It is explained by Dr. Hahnemann in the 5th & 6th editions of Organon, 269th Aphorism (§) {Drug Dynamisation}. We have already cover the topic drug dynamisation in detail Click HerePotentisation is the name of the process by which the dynamisation of the drug is done.

Presently we have 2 methods for the dynamisation of drugs as mentioned below

  1. Trituration: Suitable for the insoluble substances
  2. Succussion: Suitable to soluble substances

1. Trituration

When substances / raw drug materials are insoluble, then they grind with the lactose until it reaches the point at which it can be dissolved in a liquid vehicle

2. Succussion

When substances / raw drug materials are soluble. This process helps to remove the toxic/harmful effects of the drug. With succussion, healing effects are amplified and their ill effects are nullified.

Now they are also classified further based on preparations, in the name of homeopathic potencies:

  1. Decimal scale: It is denoted by ‘X
  2. Centesimal scale:It is denoted by ‘C
  3. Millesimal Scale: It is denoted by ‘LM’ 

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