What are the ways to takes homeopathic remedies?

The effects of the homeopathic remedy increase when the medicines are dissolved in neutral liquid form and administered. This is because the medicinal substance in the liquid form comes in contact with more nerves, resulting in the early onset of the medicinal action.

Homeopathic medicines are dynamisations and not mere dilutions. Hence, mere mixing with the neutral liquids their medicinal action does not change nor diminish their power. The best method of administering medicines is by mouth. Both in acute and chronic cases this safest yet effective method can be adopted.

What are the ways to takes homeopathic remedies?

Mode of Administration of Medicines

According to the 5th Edition of Organon (a book written by Dr. Hahemann (Founder of Homeopathy)), almost every part of the body possesses the power of receiving the medicinal effect and has the capacity to transfer the medicinal effect to various parts of the body.

The most effective routes of administration of the medicines are

  • 1. Tongue
  • 2. Mouth
  • 3. Stomach
  • 4. Nasal mucosa
  • 5. Rectum
  • 6. Genitals
  • 7. Skin
  • 8. Wounded
  • 9. Ulcerated parts

Even those parts that have lost their function (like the tongue and palate that have lost their tasks) can communicate the medicinal action to the other parts of the body. The skin and the external surfaces of the body are more influential to receive and convey the action of the remedy administered.

According to the 6th Edition of Organon, the views of Hahnemann on the route of administration of medicines have changed. The tongue, mouth, stomach, nose, and respiratory system by means of olfaction and inhalation can receive and convey the medicinal action in a better way. The skin and epidermis can take the effects of medicines in a better way if the same medicine is also administered internally (§ 284).

In the footnote to § 284 Hahnemann says, “The power of medicines acting upon the infant through the milk of the mother or wet nurse is wonderfully helpful. Every disease in children yields to the rightly chosen homeopathic medicine given in moderate doses to the nursing mother”. In this context, Hahnemann recommends giving anti-psoric treatment especially highly dynamized doses of Sulphur to the mothers to free the newborn from the bad effects of the multi-headed monster, Psora. Hahnemann gives some examples of mothers who have given birth to healthy babies after receiving anti-psoric treatments.

This confirms the psoric theory of Hahnemann. If any case demands external application also, the same remedy which is internally administered can be applied externally by rubbing it on the back, arms, extremities, etc. But in doing so, the physician must avoid parts subject to pain or spasm, or skin problems.

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