Importance of Galvanism and Electricity in Homeopathy?

The dynamic force of galvanism and electricity have a powerful effect just as the dynamized homeopathic medicines. Diseases of sensitivity and irritability, abnormal sensations, and involuntary muscular movements can be cured by these methods. But to make homeopathic use of such powers, still, the knowledge regarding them is not sufficient.

So far, both galvanism and electricity have been used by many physicians for palliative purposes. These palliative purposes have made great damage to the patient. Much research has to be done to understand their therapeutic effects. In the introductory chapters, Hahnemann explains the cures by medical electricity, observed by old physicians.

Several authors like Sauvages, Delas, Barillo, Wilkinson, Wesley, Zetzel, etc observed that electricity is capable of producing as well as curing acceleration of the pulse, febrile paroxysms, convulsive movements, a kind of sciatica, etc. Electricity can cure certain diseases like apoplexy, paralysis, and amaurosis because it is homeopathic to them in its action.

Hahnemann comments, “Hamilton and De Haen saw electricity produce rheumatic pains and such pains have been homeopathically and permanently cured in innumerable instances as testified to by a great number of physicians and naturalists” the galvanic metallic current which possess the power (as Ritter, Bischoff, and Geiger assert) of shortening muscles (the positive pole acts on the extensor, the negative on the flexor muscles) was able to cure easily and completely in a few days a case of aphasia of thirteen years”

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