Is it safe to take Homeopathy and Allopathy together?

Hello folks, Today we are going to clear your confusion on Is it safe to take Allopathy and homeopathy together.

Is it safe to take Homeopathy and Allopathy together

How does homeopathy work?

The main principle for homeopathy is ‘like cure like’ – to treat an illness the substance should be capable of producing the same kind of illness. And in allopathy, there is no such principle they believe in evidence. What is its causative factor? and how we can kill or suppress the causative agent.

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Effectiveness of Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are never intended to delay or replace conventional (allopathic) medical treatment. In reality, when the patient’s condition requires some surgical venture they are encouraged for consultation at the allopathic doctor or they provide referrals to appropriate clinicians. in  21 st century homeopathy is a part of every pharmacist’s practice and it is the most advisable for patients in chronic conditions. and leading alternative science in the world.

Homeopathy is well-known to work for a specific cause in a specified area. Let’s take the example of Arsenic, it’s a homeopathic remedy that will not work without considering a specific cause, pathology, or the affected tissue. But in the case of paracetamol, it will reduce the temperature of the body, regardless of cause. This makes the homeopathic prescription more specific and focused with much fewer side effects. It also cures our mental and emotional stress, modulating our immunity and overall health.

How does allopathy work?

In this, we suggest antibiotics for a bacterial infection, antifungals for a fungal infection, antiparasitic for parasite infection, & antihistamine for allergy. Both the medication follow a completely different system of practice, but theoretically, it is not advisable to take homeopathy and allopathy at the same time.

Back to our main question,

Can Homeopathy and Allopathy be taken together?

With our gained knowledge we understand, that homeopathic medicine usually has no such active/physical ingredients in them. Consuming homeopathic medicine feels like having sweet sugar pills & water. Homeopathy believes in the Theory of Potentisation.

They do not follow any modern scientific method. This is not physics or chemistry or quantum related that we have learned in our schools or colleges it’s far beyond science than that.

So now,

It is safe to take homeopathy and allopathy at the same time?

Well, the answer is yes! but please understand always ask both of your doctors about this and start medication there might chance of getting some medication results so please be aware.

Because homeopathic medicines are used in highly diluted doses, they do not interact or interfere with the pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics of conventional drugs, and, therefore, homeopathic and allopathic medicines can be used together.

They generally do not interact with each other as a homeopathic substance is electromagnetic memory of materials and are nonphysical whereas allopathy/modern medicine substances are crude physical substances.

Homeopathic remedies allow the body to heal with its natural (vital force) ability by targetting the immune system rather than having a more direct chemical action.

What do we recommend?

You can club them together but under doctor supervision only, don’t misguide yourself with double medication

  • Try to limit the intake of allopathy medicine as it has the toxic ingredient which may lead to toxic side-effects on your body.
  • For people with disorders like thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, and under the allopathic medication for a long period of time, it’s time to switch to homeopathic medicines and feel the magic of homeopathy.
  • Try not to take allopathy and homeopathy for the same disease, leading to confusion as, which medication is working for the cure. (We are saying from the Research Perspective only.)
  • Stopping allopathy medication suddenly may lead to the flaring of symptoms of the diseases, so it is advised to slowly reduce the dose of allopathy, mean-while increasing the homeopathic dosage keeping at least an hour gap in between. This is often known as “tapering of dosage”.

Also, understand that there are some possibilities where they cannot be clubbed together.

Homeopathy medicine contains toxic levels of ingredients that may show symptoms even when taken individually or may react in an undesirable way with allopathic medicine. Always consult a homeopathic doctor to know about certain possibilities of interaction between the allopathic drug you are taking and the homeopathic medication.

No one other than a doctor can assure you the safety without knowing the ingredients and medical conditions so we always advise you to go to the homeopathic doctor first and ask him about and follow his instruction.

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