Short Biography of Dr. John Henry Clarke

Dr. John Henry Clarke was a famous English homeopath born in 1853. He took his degree of M. B., C. M. at Edinburgh University in 1875 as a gold medalist.

Further, he completed his M.D. with great academic success in 1877. He was a follower of Dr. Compton Burnett. He succeeded Dr. Burnett as the editor of The Homeopathic World from May 1885.

Dr. Clarke served as the editor of “The Homeopathic World” for twenty-nine years. The greatness of this man was that he led this magazine in the days of significant opposition to homeopathy in England.

He criticized the dominating school openly; he commented that allopaths are “pouring drugs into the system”. He resigned as editor of The homeopathic World in 1908, as he opposed official vaccination for smallpox. But he again successfully returned as editor in 1923.

Dr. John Henry Clarke Passed away on November 24, 1931. John Henry Clarke (1853-1931)


1. In 1895, Dr. J. H. Clarke published “Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica” in 3 volumes and Clinical Repertory. In this dictionary of practical materia medica, he has included clinically proven remedies also.

2. He was the consulting physician at the London homeopathic hospital.

3. Few important works contributed by Clarke to the homeopathic world are as follows:

i. Homeopathy explained.

ii. The prescriber.

iii. A dictionary of domestic medicine.

iv. Rheumatism and sciatica.

v. A bird’s eye view of Hahnemann’s Organon.

vi. Clarke’s A. B. C. Manual.

vii. Indigestion. viii.The principles of cure. ix. Constitutional prescribing.

4. He proved and introduced many remedies into the treasure of materia medica. Bacillinum Testicum, Carcinosinum, Epihysterinum, Morbillinum, Pertussin, Parotidinum, Scarletinum, Schirrhinum.

5. Many of his works were translated into Spanish and German languages.

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