Which is the best book of biochemistry for student?

Biochemistry is one of the easiest subjects of medicine. Frankly speaking, We (Students) generally don’t study this subject during the entire year, as we have to study more important subjects. So we study such a subject one night before exams .. haha Funny but bitter truth. Even for the PG entrance exam, it is less important. As you study at the last movement, you may find it a difficult subject. The cycles of amino acid metabolism and carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism are somewhat difficult to remember.

Best book biochemistry

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It may sound like a less important subject, but you will know about its real importance during subsequent years when you will study other allied subjects as it acts as a base for them & a recommendation from our side always makes notes for biochemistry, it will be much easier to understand the concept for you.

1. Biochemistry by Satyanarayana

A standard textbook for all medical students. Its content is displayed in the form of headings and points, tables, and flow charts are given, wherever necessary, that makes books more worthy & charts and cycles are also displayed in a good way too. You can easily remember and recapitulate in exams. It is an exam-oriented book. You can also take the help of YouTube videos. Revise the cycles by drawing it again and again, so that you can easily remember it for our exams. Personally speaking, this was the main book that our entire batch used for biochemistry, as we don’t have much time for other books. But as of now, we have to give you reviews of other leading books so we are including others

2. Textbook Of Biochemistry For Medical Students by DM. Vasudevan, Sreekumari S., Kannan Vaidyanathan (Popularly Known as Vasudevan)

Again an Indian author book and quite popular among Students. You can use it as a reference book for the topics that you can’t understand from the above books. Some of the topics that are written here are just best-in-class, but on the other side, its presentation of the content is not so much good well as they are not so organized. It lacks continuity in-between. the content of one topic is scattered in many chapters of the book. So you may feel difficulty over there. So, we insist don’t make this book a standard book.

3.Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry

A foreign author book still its language is extremely easy for students. It contains decent diagrams, charts, and tables. The concepts are displayed in simple language. Moreover, it has tables at the end of every chapter that summarizes the whole chapter, which feels like a school textbook. It may be helpful to understand the concepts more clearly but still, many important topics are not explained properly and certain topics are skipped. So, use it as an alternative reference book.

4.Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry

A well-reputed, Internationally accepted foreign author book. It is considered The Bible of  Biochemistry. It has very beautiful diagrams and detailed information. But the language used here is so difficult to read and tough to understand by a student. It takes much more time to read the topics from this book. If you want to go deep in biochemistry or want to build a concept and gaining knowledge then go with Happer. It proves to be worthy of PG exam preparation. But never take this for your university exams as it requires a lot of time.

5. Biochemistry in Nutshell by S.K. GUPTA

This book is used by many senior doctors & some of our colleagues recommended this book to us. We had heard that this book contains content detailed explanation and is beautifully described and also, is helpful for exams. So you may consider this book.

Make sure that whichever books you buy are the latest edition available in the market We recommend you to buy the books from Amazon as they always have the latest edition.

Hope you like our content, and if you have a recommendation of any other book make sure that you comment below so that our other readers get benefited from that.

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