What does it mean by dynamic action in homeopathy?

Are you fascinated by the word “dynamic” and dynamic action in homoeopathy, what really is this who brought it up and why? So, today we are here with complete detail on the question, hope you appreciate it.

Master Hahnemann already stated that a homoeopathic medicine acts on the dynamic plane of the living organisms which is widely described by him in his ORGANON OF MEDICINE but how this medicinal energy is formed, stored in vehicle molecules and how this energy is absorbed by the living body and acts on the vital force and energy expression cannot be described by him. The dynamic influence or dynamic power is the quality of nature; its modus operandi cannot be explained.

In these types of actions what is happening can be explained, but how it is happening cannot be explained. Even an ideal and intelligent observer cannot explain such actions in present scientific theories. They are beyond the human senses. Their effects can’t be explained in a direct manner. In dynamic influence, two substances are interrelated with each other but there is no material connection between them.

The dynamic theory implies that homoeopathic medicine acts on the dynamic level, not at the molecular level (the physical level). This is based on the ‘Theory of Drug-dynamization’. It explains the process of formation of energy, the nature or form of the energy, the distribution of energy, and absorption or emission of energy in vehicles i.e. Ethyl alcohol or Lactose sugar. It also explained to us how it is utilized in the living body and how it acts on the vital force (vital energy) of the living body scientifically with relevant theories.

He stated that a disease has a dynamic motion, i.e., a patient suffers from different diseases gradually one after another, sometimes a patient has to suffer an alternative disease and when an allopathic medicine is administered, then one symptom disappears (technically it suppresses the old disease), but another set of new symptom appears.

So in allopathy, a patient cannot be cured completely, it only palliates and leads to suppressions. Then he realized the dynamic effect of a disease. He also thought that when a medicine prepared in a dynamic way, the dynamic energy will be produced and it will be absorbed in the medicated vehicle molecules which after administration on the patient, will work on the dynamic plane and if the dynamic energy of the medicine becomes greater than that of the dynamic disease, by that way the disease will be annihilated from the living body and permanent cure will be possible.

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A living body is organized by a ‘vital force’, which acts in such a manner that the system remains in a steady state. Now, if this state is disturbed by some dynamic influences the changes that occur in the living body are modified and this is outwardly manifested as signs and symptoms through the material body.

These physiological changes are deviated from the proper functioning of the body and deviate from the normal state and these are called the disease. Thus, the disease is an effect caused by the derangement of the vital force in the living body.

When a homoeopathic medicine is administered to a patient (vital force) in the living body (i.e., to correct the deranged vital force). At first, the medicine changes the molecular degenerative structures, which are formed due to Pathological causes and slow regenerations will occur by means of the process of repairing mechanism. But, we will have to know how homoeopathic medicine acts in the living body.


Example for Dynamic Action:

  1. In the solar system, the planet earth carries the satellite moon around it for a period of twenty-eight days. Here, there is no material connection between the moon and the earth. Still, they are acting together in a systemic manner because of gravitational force which is dynamic in nature.
  2. The moon produces the ebb and tides regularly on the earth for indefinite periods. This is again because of the dynamic influence between the moon and the earth.
  3. The magnet attracts the iron pieces; it is the quality of the magnet. It contains a magnetic field around it. This attraction is limited only to iron and steel pieces. We can explain its nature, but why and how it attracts only iron pieces we cannot explain. Because this is a property of iron and is a dynamic action.
  4. Few people get nausea and vomiting when they are exposed to certain substances which are almost harmless to others. In such instances, usually, no exchange of material substance occurs. This is purely a case of dynamic action.
  5. When a healthy person raises his hand, there is no lever attached to it. He can raise his hand once he wishes to do so. His Will makes the muscles, bones, and nerves act and lifts the hand. What is this Will? A dynamic action.

Certain things are not understandable with the current understanding of modern science.

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