Difference between Drug, Medicine & Remedy

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These aphorisms deal with the introductory part of “the knowledge of the drugs” any physician should possess. The primary character of any drug is to have the capacity to alter the state of health. Only then they can cure the diseases. Hence Hahnemann concludes, “Disease producing power is the disease curing power of a medicine”. To know the action of the drugs, mere reasoning and experimentation on the lower animals is insufficient.

Difference between Drug, Medicine & Remedy

The drugs have to be proved on healthy human beings, on both the sexes and on all the age groups. Knowledge of drugs (Two-way path) Knowledge of miasms (one-way path).

Let’s clearly defines Drug, Medicine, and Remedy.


Dr. H.A.Roberts says “A drug is any material agent, in however attenuated form, the ingestion of which is capable of so disturbing this balance of vital force that the functioning of one or more organs of the body no longer carried out to the best of the whole.”

Drugs are substances that have the capacity to alter the state of health of an individual. Drugs are crude medicinal substances. Drugs can be collected from many sources like the plant, animal, mineral, diseased bodies (Nosodes), healthy body secretions (Sarcodes), natural forces, etc.


Medicines are drug substances, the curative powers of which are well known by proving them on healthy human beings and are prepared according to well-defined pharmaceutical principles.


The indicated medicine to the patient’s sufferings is called the remedy. In § 3 Hahnemann says, “Choice of the remedy, medicine indicated”. Homeopathically a remedy is well indicated, when it can cure the patient in a rapid, gentle and permanent manner. After taking a case, only one medicine seems to cover the entire totality of the patient, then we can call that particular medicine “a remedy to that patient“.


Foods are constructive nutritive substances required by the body regularly to maintain their normal sensations and functions.

In conclusion, drugs are essentially destructive; but foods are constructive. Both these substances act upon the vital force in their own way.

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Drugs cannot cure the patient unless they possess the power of altering the state of a healthy person. Health is a normal comfortable play of life. Any change in this condition and disturbance, in this comfort, is called disease. The cure is simply bringing back this comfortable condition again. Medicines can only cure the patient if they can produce the same symptoms in the patient. Homeopathic drug proving says that medicines are capable of producing some symptoms in a healthy person.

By careful observations, we can employ the same medicine to such patients who in diseases, show similar symptoms produced by the medicine. Any medicine is capable of curing that symptom picture, which it is capable of producing in a healthy person. In support of this, we have plenty of examples from history.

Hahnemann’s life is one such important example. Cinchona bark has the capacity to produce malaria-like symptoms in a healthy person; hence it was capable of curing malaria-like symptoms in a diseased person. This is the homeopathic law “let likes be cured by likes”. So the curative power of medicine is its sick-making power. These powers are naturally hidden in the crude substances; we can ascertain these powers only by proving them on healthy human beings.

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