What is Happy Go Lucky Operation in Homeopathy?

Let’s learn in detail about the Happy Go Lucky Operation in homeopathy. An intelligent physician cannot rely totally on nature to cure the disease. It is very dangerous to apply the crude natural law of applying one natural disease to remove another natural disease.

Hahnemann called the action of nature in curing diseases as the “Happy-go-lucky operations“. He mentioned it aphorism no. 51 of organon of medicine. It means that in the process of curing one disease with another similar disease, nature leaves the life of the patient to pure luck. Thus as a conclusion, we can say that crude nature is incapable of achieving the highest ideal of cure under all circumstances and in all diseases.

What is Happy Go Lucky Operation in Homeopathy?

The reasons can be explained below:

1. There is a scarcity of similar diseases in nature: According to nature’s law of cure, to remove one disease we have to apply a stronger similar disease in its place. However, experience shows that there is a scarcity of exactly similar diseases for every disease in nature. So, only a few diseases can be treated successfully by nature. This is the prime limitation of allowing nature to cure diseases.

2. Natural diseases are uncertain: The occurrence of natural similar diseases in a person is uncertain. The suffering person may not be susceptible to the disease to be applied. Certain diseases cannot attack a certain group of people; there is racial, individual, ethnic, and species immunity in these populations. This happens because natural diseases are conditional forces.

3. The control of the physician is lacking in case of application of natural disease: When any physician applies any medication to any patient he must have full control over it. He must be able to alter the dose and potency according to the requirement, to make the medicine more powerful than the natural miasmatic disease. In case of requirement, the physician must be in a condition of antidoting the medicine. This is not possible if we apply any natural disease. Their nature of occurrence, strength, morbific powers and severity are not in the hands of the physician.

4. Natural diseases are dangerous: Natural diseases are more dangerous to apply as medicines. This is because to remove one weaker disease we have to apply a stronger disease i.e. the newer stronger disease is more dangerous than the previous one. As the control of this disease is not in the hands of the physician, it can either kill the patient or make the condition of the patient more miserable, or drain the vitality of the patient.

5. The newer stronger disease itself requires removal: Restoration of the normal healthy state is the cure. When we employ one disease to cure another, we are in no way curing the disease and restoring the healthy state. But in the place of a weaker disease, we are placing another stronger disease, thus causing more damage to the patient. Now the stronger disease itself requires treatment. From the above explanation, it is clear that the happy-go-lucky operations of nature are an uncertain, hazardous, and limited way of curing the sick.

Advantages of Using the Medicinal Forces in Cure Over Natural Disease Forces

1. Similar diseases are very limited in number in nature. But similar medicines can be found in abundance in various sources of nature.

2. The regulation of dose and potency is in the physician’s hands. By the process of potentisation and succussion, we can reduce the dangerous effects of crude drugs to an incredible degree. We can administer the dose sufficient enough to stimulate the vital force.

3. The medicinal disease has a certain period of action and after this period, it subsides or disappears on its own. This reason alone makes homeopathic medicines the safest in the world.

4. The medicinal diseases are certain in their function as their action is well understood by proving them on healthy human beings.

5. They are not dangerous and are very much in control of the physician, because they can be stopped or even antidoted whenever necessary.

6. Since medicinal diseases disappear after some time, they can bring about a rapid, gentle, and permanent cure without the least damage to the vitality of the patient.

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