Why medicinal disease are powerful than miasmatic disease?

According to Nature’s law, only the powerful affection can remove a weaker affection permanently. Based on this fact we prove that the medicinal disease being stronger, can easily remove the weaker miasmatic disease. But the question remains the same as, how to prove that the medicinal disease is surely powerful than the miasmatic disease?

The following reasons make it clear that medicinal diseases are undoubtedly and undeniably more powerful than miasmatic diseases:

Why medicinal disease are powerful than miasmatic disease?

1: Medicines Act Unconditionally, at All Times, Under All Circumstances and on Every Individual

Disease forces can make a person sick only if he is susceptible to it. They can affect the vital force only if the conditions and the surroundings are favoring. Some conditions like genetic or hereditary susceptibility, exciting causes, and some maintaining causes and continuous exposure to noxious inimical forces weaken the vital force.

So, it is clear that dynamic miasmatic forces can affect the vital force only if the conditions are favorable. But medicines are powerful than the miasmatic forces, they can affect any person without any preformed conditions. This can be proved perfectly right by human drug proving. Medicines can affect a person at any time, without any seasonal or diurnal variation.

But this is not the same with the miasmatic forces. Infectious diseases like cholera, dysentery, etc are more prevalent in summer seasons and they cause their epidemic severity only under suitable conditions. Arthritic conditions are more common in rainy seasons. Respiratory complaints are more in the winter seasons. Filariasis is mostly common in coastal areas. Cholera was more prevalent on banks of the river Ganges where the conditions were more suitable for its development.

Certain diseases cannot affect the persons either because of their hygienic measures or their racial or individual immunity. Certain diseases affect only certain socio-economic groups. For example, it has been reported that the people of Negroid origin in the U.S.A. are more susceptible than the Caucasians to tuberculosis.

Indians are more susceptible to typhoid infections than the U.K born. But medicines can be used under all circumstances and on every individual to control the disease. They do not need any particular circumstance for their action. They can act in any place and on any social class.

It is proved that medicines can affect any person on this earth. The only difference is the amount of dose and potency that is needed to affect the sensitivity of the person. But this is not true for natural diseases. For example: during certain epidemics, few people remain free from that disease.

Reason 2: The Power of the Medicinal Disease Can Be Regulated By Dose and Potency

To remove the miasmatic disease the physician creates the medicinal disease. This artificial disease when administered is similar yet stronger to miasm, successfully removes the miasm permanently. This is practical to create a similar and stronger medicinal disease because the regulation of dose is in the hands of the physician himself. Medicine is well under the control of the physician. But the miasmatic virulence and power regulation are not under the physician’s control.

Reason 3: Medicines Help In Preventing the Occurrence of Diseases

Hahnemann says in § 33 “If medicines can protect from disease that is raging around, they must possess a vastly superior power of affecting the vital force”.

In the year 1801, a boy who had taken Belladonna in small doses remained unaffected by an epidemic of scarlet fever in Koningslutter. This proves that the Belladonna medicine prevented the occurrence of scarlet fever in that boy. Since the medicines are stronger than the miasms, they can prevent the occurrence of miasmatic diseases.

Reason 4: Medicines Palliate, Suppress and Even Cure Natural Diseases

This fact has been successfully proved by experiments of medicinal systems like antipathy and allopathy. From the above deductions, we can say that medicines are undoubtedly superior in strength to miasmatic disease. To cure any condition, medicines must produce an artificial disease as similar as possible with somewhat increased power to the miasmatic disease. The dissimilar disease can never cure each other but either palliate, suppress or join each other and form double complex diseases (§ 34).

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