What is Nature Law of Cure in Homeopathy?

The therapeutic law of nature (Nature Law of Cure) was known to the medical world right from the Hippocratic period. This is considered as the only curative law in the universe, in fact, many cures that have occurred in the past are based on this nature’s law of cure.

Hahnemann discovered the homeopathic system based on the universally known therapeutic law of nature “Similia Similibus Curantur” means “like cures like”. This law of nature was well known to the physicians of ancient times.

The father of medicine Hippocrates, physicians like Nicander, Xenocrates, Varro, Quintus, Serenus, Paracelsus, and physicians of Roman schools, Basil Valentine, Benedictine monk of Erfurt, Hindu ayurvedic sages, etc mentioned the possibilities of curing diseases by the law of similar. They could not employ this law universally because of its limitations.

Hahnemann successfully molded it and applied it in curing diseases by changing the law from “similia similibus Curantur” to i.e.like cures likes” has been changed to “let likes be cured by likes”.

§ 26 says, “A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations”.

What is Nature Law of Cure in Homeopathy

Nature’s law is easily comprehensible and does not require any further explanation. Hahnemann uses the word “dynamic affection”, so this law applies to the vital phenomenon and not to the material phenomenon.

When two similar manifestations of different kinds but unequal strength, meet in the living organism, the weaker manifestation is completely removed by the stronger one. Nature’s law of cure is not an imaginary derivation but is based on experience, clinical trials, and observations of pioneers. Nature’s law is eternal; it does not change with time. Because of this reason, homeopathy is superior to other systems of medicine.

The similar and stronger diseases produced by the homeopathic drugs always extinguish the weaker similar miasmatic disease or natural diseases in the living organism. Because the vital force does not accept two similar forces with it at the same time, it invariably chooses the one which is stronger amongst the two.

The stronger medicinal disease remains and the weaker miasmatic disease is removed completely and permanently. Because of its artificial nature, the medicinal disease vanishes after a certain period of time. Thus the vital force gets rid of both medicinal and dynamic miasmatic disease. Nature’s law proves that only homeopathic law is curative in nature.

Examples of Nature’s Law of Cure (Footnote to § 26)

1. The planet Jupiter can be seen in the nighttime, but as the day approaches and the sunlight falls on the eye, the light of Jupiter becomes invisible and the sun becomes clearly evident. This happens because the stronger similar power of the sun has extinguished the weaker light of Jupiter.

2. The weaker offensive smell can be extinguished by inhaling the stuff. This acts by its action on the olfactory nerve. Eating sweet, listening to good music cannot serve the same purpose, because they are not similar manifestations. So the stronger smell of the snuff has extinguished the weaker offensive smell.

3. The weak cry of the injured soldier on the battlefield is muffled by the stronger sound of beating drums. 

4. A depressing state of a person is totally overlooked when more injurious sorrow or damage is faced by another person. This acts like a moral remedy (footnote to §17).

5. The injurious effects of great joy can be removed by drinking coffee which stimulates the mind by producing similar excessive joy.

Experiences of Other Physicians on Nature’s Law of Cure

1. Aristotle of 360 B.C. gave the following dictum, “if the similia of the remedy acts upon the similia of the disease, the results of this mutual action is neutralization” i.e. health. In support of his derivation of nature’s law and its effects, Hahnemann quotes some experiences by his senior and contemporary physicians. These experiences can be coined as accidental homeopathic cures.

2. Physicians like Dezoteux, Leroy, Klein, J.F.Closs, Fr. Wendt, Murphy, etc have observed that the attack of smallpox had cured amaurosis (partial or complete blindness), testicular swelling, dysentery, etc. in some cases. This cure resulted because smallpox can actually produce the same complaints in a living organism. So it is an example of a similimum based cure.

3. Hardenze and Hunter explained that the case of intermittent fever and half-paralyzed arm was cured when cowpox attacked them. This happened because cowpox has the capacity to produce the above-said symptoms.

4. Bosquillions observed that measles prevented the attack of epidemic whooping cough because measles is a similar stronger disease and it prevented the occurrence of weaker whooping cough. This is due to the partial similarity between the two diseases. This is another example of nature’s law.

5. Another physician called Kortum observed that a patient with chronic skin eruptions was permanently cured by an attack of measles because the chief symptom of measles is to produce a rash in a patient. Only those medicines which can produce similar but stronger symptoms to the disease symptoms can remove the miasmatic disease in a rapid, gentle and permanent, manner (§27).

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