What is Specific Remedy in Homeopathy?

The specific remedy in homeopathy is the one that has greater similarity to the totality of symptoms of the patient. The specific remedy is selected based on the symptoms exhibited by the patient at present condition. Medicine that is similar to the striking, uncommon, peculiar, and rare symptoms of the patient will be the specific remedy. The common symptoms like loss of appetite, headache, debility, restlessness, discomfort, vomiting, etc are not important for a homeopathic prescription.

Those symptoms which characterize the personality and constitution of the patient are most important. Such characteristic, uncommon symptoms must be considered as the internal essence of the suffering vital force i.e. the totality of symptoms. Such medicine which covers the essential totality is the specific remedy to the patient. Homeopathy treats the patient and not the nosological names. Hence there are specific individual remedies to the patient and not specific remedies to the diagnosed diseases.

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Homeopathic Specific Remedy Vs Allopathic Specific Remedy

Allopathy has fixed prescriptions for various remedies. For example, they have fixed medicines for typhoid. All typhoid medicines are treated with the same type of medicines by allopathic physicians. All malaria cases will be treated with the same medicines by them. Diagnosing the disease name is sufficient for them. They do not have individual prescriptions. Such a concept is not allowed in homeopathy. Each patient is investigated separately and prescription is made based on the patient’s individualistic symptoms and not for the nosological name.

So, the specific remedy in homeopathy is selected for the individual who is sick irrespective of the disease he is having. Thus, we can conclude by Hahnemann’s words, “Similarity to the totality of the symptoms of a given natural disease, this medicine will and must be the most suitable, the most certain homeopathic remedy for the disease, in it is found the specific of this case of the disease.”

Kent’s Views on Specific Remedy: Lecture no. XXX-Characteristics

It is uncommon in this advanced day of science to read specific remedies. This concept is altogether opposed to homeopathy. We do not give specific remedies for headaches, diarrhea, etc. There are no specifics in homeopathy except at the bedside of the patient when the remedy has been sought out with great endeavor and care. Only characteristic symptoms in each individual totality of the patient will lead to a “specific remedy” in homeopathy. The homeopathic specific remedy is the one – which has demonstrated its curative relation to the patient, after having been prescribed in accordance with his symptoms, the recovery takes place in the proper direction, from above downward, from within out, and in the reverse order of appearance of symptoms. As a matter of fact, the homeopathic physician prescribes for the patient that which characterizes the sickness, even though this is what is called – self-limiting disease.

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