What is Tolle Causum?

Tolle Causum simply means “Removal of the Cause”

Allopathic physicians shouted, “remove the cause and remove the disease”. But in practice they could not, as their cause of the disease was never right. They could not understand the dynamic nature of the disease. The disease is actually subtle; it cannot be perceived by material senses. The tissue change or the organic damage is only the result of the disease caused by the dynamic noxious forces called miasms. Pathology is only the result of the disease. The prima Causa Morbi (the primary cause of the disease) is the spiritual noxious force called the miasm and nothing else.

Hahnemann pities that if the allopaths would have regarded the dynamic origin of the diseases if they would have regarded the Psora as the fundamental cause (CAUSA MORBORUM CHRONICORUM/NON-VENERIORUM= The cause of all nonvenereal diseases) of all the chronic diseases, they would have succeeded in curing the diseases. Alas! they failed to identify psora as the cause of all the diseases, as result for centuries they failed to cure the so-called chronic diseases.

Pathology can never become the cause of the disease, it is only the proximate (nearby) cause of the disease. The effect (disease) always has various causes, like basic, remote, distal and proximate causes. A rational physician has to prescribe for the basic, distal causes and not the proximate cause alone. The cause and effect cannot be the same and exist at the same time, but they are different. The cause of the disease is always the dynamic miasm and the pathological changes are the effects of the diseases. Rational medicine always aims at the removal of the dynamic miasmatic cause and not the pathological effects because of the cause.

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