What is Modus Operandi of Homeopathy Cure?

The homeopathic cure is based on Nature’s Law of Cure. Nature’s law of cure is purely based on the experiences and experiments of our ancestors. According to their experience, it is the only curative law in the universe. Hence they have not given much importance to the modus operandi of its cure.What is Modus Operandi of Homeopathy Cure

In § 28, Hahnemann says how a homeopathic cure takes place; is not of much importance to a physician. Scientific explanations of the material phenomenon can be given effect. But, it is difficult to give explanations to dynamic phenomenon like nature’s law.

Hahnemann says, “It matters little whatmay be the scientific explanation of how it takes place; and I do not attach muchimportance to the attempts made to explain it. But following view seems tocommend itself as the most probable one, as it is founded on the premisesderived from experience.”

Yet Hahnemann gives a satisfactory explanation to the modus operandi of homeopathic cure, i.e. the mode of action of the homeopathic cure in the following manner.

Step I: Based on the similia principle when any homeopathic medicine is administered, it produces medicinal disease (artificial disease). The medicinal disease directly affects the vital force through the medium of nerves. Medicinaldisease must always be stronger and similar to miasmatic disease (natural disease). Because the control of dose and potency of medicine is in physicians and, he administers the medicine which is stronger than the miasmatic diseases. The medicine acts unconditionally, at all times, under all circumstances, on every person.

Step II: § 26 states, “A weaker dynamic affection is permanentlyextinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilstdiffering in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations”.Based on this principle the stronger medicinal disease removes the weaker miasmatic disease. Now the place of miasmatic disease is occupied by the medicinal disease. The vital force now suffers only by the medicinal disease.

Step III: Medicines have a specified period of action and they have to be administered always in the minutest doses possible. Because of these reasons, the medicinal diseases gradually become weaker and milder. At one point of time, the power of the vital force becomes stronger than the medicinal disease that is left out. Exactly at this moment the vital force reacts actively against the medicinal disease and removes it easily. Now the vital force is free from both the miasmatic disease and the medicinal disease. Vital force becomes healthy again, retaining the normal sensations and functions of the body.

Explanation: The action of a remedy on the diseased vital force is the primary action. This helps to remove the miasmatic disease from the vital force. Later, the reaction of vital force on the medicinal disease is always opposite, this can be termed as the secondary curative action. These two actions are necessary to bring the highest ideal of cure.

The homeopathic cure always takes place at the dynamic level. Hence, the patient feels a sense of well-being after the administration of the homeopathic remedy. It will always take some time to notice the restoration of structural pathological change in the body.

Hahnemann has not given much importance to the theoretic explanation of the Modus Operandi of homeopathic cure. Practically it is impossible to notice the dynamic action. The above explanation has to be considered as the most probable explanation to understand the modus operandi of cure.

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