Rare Homeopathic Words for MCQs

Explore the fascinating world of homeopathy as we unravel the intricacies of rare and unique terminology, perfect for crafting engaging MCQs. Delve into the depths of this ancient healing art and expand your vocabulary with uncommon words that will intrigue and challenge learners.

With our carefully curated selection, educators and quizmasters can enrich their assessments with content that stands out, providing a fresh perspective on homeopathic principles. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious learner, dive into this unique collection and unlock the hidden gems of homeopathy in a language that speaks directly to you.

Rare Homeopathic Words for MCQs

1. Materia Pecans – Material cause of disease

2.Darup treasure – 6th edition of Organon was called as darup treasure.

3. Tsorat – psora ( Hebrew word).

4. Tolle causam – Remove the material cause.

5. Duce nature – Follow the nature.

6. Minister naturae – Servants of nature.

7. Ab usu in morbis – Knowledge obtained from using medicine in disease.

8. Vis medicatrix naturae – Depends on nature instead of medicines.

9. Prima causa morbid – Primary cause of disease.

10. Causa occasionalis – Exciting and maintaining cause.

11. Cessat effectus cessat causa – If the effect ceases then the cause ceases too.

12. Disease perse – Morbid process of functioning of the life.

13. Disease sui generic – Different kinds of disease.

14. Supporters – Supporting medicines.

15. Ungueta nervina – Strengthening medicines.

16. Corrigens – Corrective medicines.

17. Secundum artem – According to rule.

18. Adjuvantia – Assisting medicine to principle medicine.

19. Base – Principle medicine.

20. Lege artis – According to the rule of act.


If you know any other words that should be included into this list, kindly mention it below in the comment box.

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